Abraham Hicks 2020 — Do You Need A Lover To Be Happy? (NEW)

Do You Want To Bet?

Some of the greatest change in the world came about in “stupid” and unusual ways. So when I ask a question like “do you want to bet?” in my title, I am writing about the most unusual changes in existence happening in the most interesting ways. Think about this, then, if you initially cannot put your mind around the reality of drastic and genuinely original change. This is what status quo type realities and overt normality is really made for:

The Embodied Brain: Hypnosis and the Gut

The enteric nervous system, or “gut brain,” improves your reflexes, balance and so much more. When you understand how this part of your unconscious mind thinks, you learn more about why hypnosis can help you today.

The Embodied Brain: Hypnosis and the Heart

Your heart has its own brain and it is noisy. Knowing what it says and how it speaks makes a huge difference in your life. Learn what this means for hypnosis when you think outside your head.

How Hypnosis Can Help You Be More Outgoing

If you’d like to be more confident, charismatic and outgoing, then I have great news. Your personality stems from your brain and that’s a flexible thing. You’re not ‘shy’ – you have a set of learned habits and reactions to certain situations. And what you learn, you can unlearn.

Language Versus Mystery: Hypnotising the Human Brain

What does the neocortex do? We have a few clues… and plenty of questions. It’s mysterious. One thing we can be sure of is that it’s a key part of hypnosis. It’s vital that we learn its secrets as best we can.

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