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Your Mind, Your Life, Your Existence

When I think about my mind, life and existence, I think I am blessed, and I am closed-minded to anything other than that reality. Envy is the bane of existence anyhow when really thought about deeply. When the grass seems greener on the other side, something is rotten on both sides if you know what I mean.

Be What You Are As I Will Be What I Am

In life, the real losers genuinely want to be someone else that seems to be winning. Recently, I was taking a good look at those places in my life that I need and want to practice what I preach about winning, and found many things in my life that want and need improvement. Although this is going to be a soul bearer, here is this article:

Certainty: The Way It Is

People, at least in their minds in this fluid reality are genuinely multi dimensional beings, with an imagination and consciousness. But, the problem is most consciousness and imagination is stagnant, sleeping, unaware and unused, it seems. Indeed, though, here is the thing I am most certain of: With disparate change comes growth and awakening. I look at this “troubled time” as a time for change and growth.

Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Hypnosis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an immensely troubling condition that affects at least one third of the population. In this brief and informative article, a leading British therapist discusses the use of hypnosis in its treatment.

The Emotional Storm

Anger is not the best feeling there is, but a healthy dose of it once in a while gets the cobwebs out of your mind when rightly used. Some of the greatest art came from rage, and strong emotions like that. Recently, I am listening to David Morse read a digital unabridged version Stephen King novel called “Revival”, about religion, anger, rage, fear and ultimate redemption of sorts.

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