Abraham Hicks 2020 – How to Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety WITHOUT PANIC

Would You Waste a Fictitious Magic Pill?

Say you had the magic pill from Limitless, that made you superhumanly intelligent. Would you have an amazing day… or create an amazing life?

The Hero’s Journey, From Your Couch

If the Hero’s Journey shows up across history, then what does that say about we humans? It says you can go on the Journey without leaving your home.

The Mother and the Joker’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

How do you resolve anxiety? You can learn a lot from this Batman villain and the elusive Tracy from How I Met Your Mother.

When Things Feel Really Bad, Change Perspective And Put Light (Or God) Into The Situation

When things get really dreary and miserable, the thing to do is not to let them get worse until you hit the bottom and knock the whole reality down and out. The thing to do is to change perspective and put light into the situation, and ultimately look for a genuine solution.

Imagine This, And Imagine This Well

John Lennon of the Beatles wrote a song called Imagine around 1970, basically saying imagine a world where we live for today. So, I answer him from this dimension, world, valence or whatever to the next world or dimension or whatever it is he is in now: You were right, today is the best thing to live for, especially the present moment and being present to it. Yet to be detached from actual gains, losses and living life properly is the best way to live in the now. I will explain myself further.

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