Abraham Hicks 2020 — You Are A Piece Of Source (NEW)

Covert Mind Bomb For Long Term Influence

You can easily plant ideas in people’s minds that will grow over time. They will become very powerful.

Ancient Advertising Secrets For Easy Influence And Persuasion

Why reinvent the wheel? Use these ancient secrets, and sell anything to anybody.

Irresistibly Persuasive Stories For Easy Influence

Stories are incredibly powerful. If you aren’t using them, you should.

The Incredible Deepness Of Language And How To Tap It

Language is much more than words. When you grasp the entirety of language, and it’s depth, you’ll have an incredible amount of social power.

Easily Slip Ideas Into Their Minds And Make Them Feel Wonderful

You can easily persuade people so long as they want to do it. Sounds obvious, right?

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