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How to Mind Control a Person With Impromptu Hypnosis

If you want to know how to mind control a person, then impromptu hypnosis is for you. Even if you have no prior experience or knowledge in the field of hypnosis, psychology or persuasion, impromptu hypnosis and conversational coercion allow you to quickly master the art of controlling minds.

How to Achieve Personal and Professional Success With NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming now there’s a meaty expression if ever you have heard one? However if you have been around the personal development/self improvement worlds over the last ten or fifteen years, it’s inevitable that you will have come across advocates and devotees of NLP as it is abbreviated to!?

Basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP, also known as Neuro-linguistic programming, is the study of human excellence. This programming was established by mathematics student, Richard Bandler and a professor of linguistics named John Grinder in 1970.

How To Do Instant Self Hypnosis

Hypnotizing yourself is both fun and useful. But how can you actually do instant self hypnosis? Does it take years of practice or are there short cuts you can take to make the process as quick and easy as its name suggests?

Business NLP Benefits

NLP is used widely in business, and has found its way discretely into many courses on sales, presentations, planning, and team building, often without being mentioned by name. You could choose to study something narrowly applicable to one area, or you could choose to study NLP, knowing that you will be able to apply the principles widely throughout both your business and personal life.

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