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Hypnotism For Weight Loss – It’s Purely Mind Over Matter

Being overweight, although a physical condition, is in most cases a product of persistent negative thoughts residing within the subconscious mind. If you don’t change the way you see yourself on a subconscious level, then you will almost always have a hard time keeping the weight off. Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique for correcting such misperceptions that ultimately impact your physical appearance and many other aspects of your life.

Hypnosis and Your Online Business Success

In the past couple of years I have gotten to know Wendi Friesen. She is a top hypnotist yet talking to her it is surprising how many myths circulate regarding hypnosis and hypnotists. Some people say that hypnosis does not work. Others are convinced that hypnosis is a miracle working process. The reality is actually between these two extremes and can actually help you with your business success.

Some Basic Facts About Hypnosis

There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis and what are involved in the process of hypnotism. To clear the matter, hypnotism has been around for more than six thousand years, so the speculation that this is a new age technique is totally wrong. Hypnotism was used by the ancients for healing, although they did not use the term hypnosis then.

Myths About Hypnosis & the Sub Conscious Mind – Tips For Selecting a Credible Product Or Service

There are many claims made about Hypnosis and your Sub conscious mind, such as we are only using 10% of our brain. This article explores the more common “superhuman” type claims made by sometimes well meaning but mis-informed practitioners of hypnotherapy.

When Desperate For a Result, is Hypnosis the Answer?

When desperate for a result, is hypnosis the answer? Well, maybe. It depends on the situation, your expectations, and what methods you have already used.

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