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The Trial of Charisma in Silence

Psychologist Howard Friedman actually managed to devise a test to see how charismatic people were. In the event, it proved a very accurate gauge. The questions he asked included how loudly you laughed, whether you flirted in a confident manner and whether you found it difficult not to tap your toes when you heard good music, certainly music you particularly liked…

Hypnosis For Weight Loss – An Example of a Weight Loss Session

Hypnosis for weight loss can happen in a number of ways. This article gives a couple of different ways that it has been used successfully with different types of dieters. As there are numerous reasons why people are overweight, when you use hypnosis for weight loss the sessions need to be tailored to your specific problem and needs.

The Meaning of Charisma

There’s no question that some people are a lot more persuasive than others. I’m sure we all know people who are able to persuade us to do something, even when we don’t feel, or want, to do it. The study of hypnosis is really the study of persuasion. People with this persuasive ability are often called ‘charismatic.’ But what’s the meaning of charisma?

Stage Hypnosis – How Do They Do That?

I am sure that you have seen a stage hypnosis show. You were probably in awe of the power and control demonstrated by the hypnotist. If you are anything like me, you instantly wanted to learn how the hypnotist was able to do that. After a particularly good show that I attended, I began…

Golf Hypnosis – Take 5-10 Strokes Off Your Game in the Shortest Time Imaginable

Using golf hypnosis can help you lower your golf score dramatically. If you are looking for swift improvement in your game and you already know the fundamentals then golf hypnosis is the nest step for you. With golf hypnosis you are training your mind to access the exact mental attitude you will need in every situation.

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