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How Does Hypnosis Work?

When people talk about hypnosis in generally, we are often driven to think that this is the method of putting someone to sleep and he, being in the unconscious state, is still able to be in verbal connection with the “hypnotist”. Maybe this generally misconstrued notion is brought about by the hyped up scenes we see being portrayed in the different forms of media.

Common Mistakes People Make While Learning Self Hypnosis and How to Avoid Them

Just as with other type of learning, learning hypnosis can be a little more difficult at the beginning, but with time, perseverance and practice results will eventually please you. In order to know what things to avoid while practicing self hypnosis we will present you here some of the most common mistakes.

An Easy Guide to Problem Solving Any Situation

Problem solving is a skill we all have, but we rarely sit down and think about it. We solve a hundred little problems every day, but sometimes we come face to face with a much bigger problem. Some of us seek professional help, others seek psychics or what have you, but the bottom line is that we all get hit with these situations sooner or later, and it really pushes us to the limit.

Self-Hypnosis – Steps 1-3 For Autosuggestion

If I had to choose a picture to describe the relationship between autosuggestion and hypnosis, I would definitely pick the nail and hammer association. Thus, I would say autosuggestion is the nail and hypnosis is the hammer; even if this image may seem rather abstract or exaggerated to you now, at the end of the article things will lighten up and you will understand the association.

Hypnosis and Children

Because many of the issues that come back to haunt us later in life begin in childhood, hypnosis for children is an excellent way of nipping problems in the bud. Certain problems children can be hypnotised for include: bad habits (such as nail-biting), destructive behaviour, low self-esteem and poor concentration/effort in school.

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