Abraham Hicks – Allow Money To Come Easy

How To Be, Why To Be And What To Be

We all love to win and be at the mountaintop, but who loves to train, climb or work? Why do I have the title in the order I put it? Both questions will be answered throughout this article. First, I would like to say this, though:

The Floor And The Ceiling, Gravity And Reality

Reality cannot be avoided. It is a law like gravity, acceleration or slowing down. Reality can be controlled, but it cannot be avoided in any way.

The Tap Or The Wellspring

Life is as good or mediocre as we imagine it to be, really. With that said, I can also say this: I was thinking deeply over the past few days about life, and I realized that most things are perception. Perception is the wellspring of what makes reality genuinely tick. When I think of the passionate magic of believing, this is what it comes down to for me. It comes down to a optimistic perception instead of a pessimistic perception.

The Car or Reincarnational Statism

This article is basically an interpretation of a dream my Mom told me about that she had. Sit tight, this will be quite an allegorical ride: So, here is the basis of the dream, I miss a car ride to “success” or “the cure” that everyone else that are “winners” or “genuinely special” is taking by talking on the phone across the street seemingly oblivious to what is “happening”. With that said, I begin this article.

Patience And Gratitude

The best qualities to have are patience and gratitude. Although we cannot always have them, they are great to have. Life and death are in those qualities, and if we do not cultivate gratitude, we are on a genuine death curve, for not being grateful for each blessed breath leads ultimately to that.

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