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Using Hypnosis For Weight Loss – How Does it Work?

Hypnosis for weight loss is commonly used throughout the world and the number of people seeking it out is growing. That’s because hypnosis for weight loss deals with the emotions that have been the cause of the weight gain in the first place. By using hypnosis for weight loss you arrest those emotions and use them to excite you about your journey to reach your goal weight.

The Hypnosis and Dream State Parallel

We’ve agreed that we may think of the mind as either emotional or logical. But don’t forget our ‘conscious’ mind. This holds everything that’s in your current awareness. But more than that. There’s the much more powerful unconscious or subconscious mind that carries every single thing about which we’re not thinking about.

Can Hypnosis Be Used Instead of an Anaesthetic? And Are Hypnosis and the Dream State Similar?

The dream state of Rapid Eye Movement, or REM, both psychologically and biologically corresponds with the hypnotic state. For example, when we dream, the visual and auditory experiences that we have are just the same as those that are experienced by someone who’s hypnotized. We’ve discussed experiencing catalepsy in hypnosis before, but we experience just the same thing when dreaming.

Are Repressed Memories Real? Can Hypnosis Release Them?

A number of years ago now, there were any number of court cases where usually young people sued their parents and other adults for fondling them in a sexual way and in some cases actually raping them. A number of psycho and hypnotherapists were involved, as may be imagined, who claimed that they could unlock these childhood memories, claiming that they were so traumatic as to have been suppressed by the ‘victims.’

Discovering the Secrets of Hypnosis

Discovering the secrets of hypnosis is tricky and challenging. Even up to this day there are inadequate resources that can thoroughly explain what really hypnosis is and how it happens. On the other hand, hypnosis promises some liberating secrets that can help individuals. This secret is all about performing self hypnosis without any assistance from a professional hypnotist.

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