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Background Music for Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis – 3 Good Reasons to Use It

Therapists often view ambient background music as an optional extra that does nothing more than create a pleasant ambiance for their hypnosis sessions. But there are at least three good reasons why ambient music for hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help you be a more relaxed and inspired therapist. Find out how good ambient background music can help you and your client access positive and transformative states of being.

Hypnosis Controls Debilitating Effects of Cancer

Psychological approaches to symptom management have been a part and parcel of medical practice in almost every culture and country. Hypnosis either in the form of suggestive therapy or through other subtle methods have constituted an integral part of any therapeutic management. Its use in the field on oncology especially in controlling the excruciating acute an chronic pain and adverse consequences which those affected by cancer even though is widely acknowledged yet when it comes to ground level realities is highly under utilized.

What Is NLP?

NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, is a way of understanding why you see life the way you do, and why you make the decisions you make. It is a way of understanding the subtle interconnections taking place between the signals going to and from your brain, the messages coded into those messages, and how your personal experiences decode those messages that become the base of your thinking patterns and behaviours.

Working It And How To Make It Work

“It” is life, and we are reading this article and I am writing this article to give myself and you hints on how to make it work and work it. So, we are all in the dark in a sense, and all that has to be done is to turn on the light and see for ourselves what makes “it” all work.

Surprising Hypnotism Techniques – How to Hypnotize Someone Without Putting Them Into a Trance

Are you interested in covert hypnosis? If so, you may be pleased to learn that one of the best hypnotism techniques doesn’t involve putting your subject into a trance. Read on to learn how you can easily hypnotize someone – and then make them do your bidding.

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