Abraham Hicks ~ Be A Vibrational Snob (#Shorts)

Hypnosis Will Defeat Your Inferiority Complex

While self-hypnosis will defeat your inferiority complex, you must be very careful how and how much you use it. It’s worth having a few experimental runs first. The main point to remember is that you’ve taken a few steps into a field which is completely foreign to you.

Hypnotize Yourself With Self-Hypnosis

This article talks about one of the most common question in hypnosis – “can I be hypnotized?” Facts on why some people feel they cannot be hypnotized and tips on how to hypnotize yourself easily.

How to Ignore Snoring

Do you want to know how to ignore snoring? Maybe your partner is driving you nuts with the sounds he makes at night. You might already have tried all kinds of tools and methods with him to stop him from snoring, but the noise just won’t stop. Here’s what you can do to get a good sleep anyway.

Feminization Hypnosis – What Is It?

Feminization hypnosis refers to bringing about a state in psyche through hypnotism which makes subjects feel and act more feminine.  This kind of hypnosis, either voluntary or non-voluntary, is where the base personality of the subject is altered and an induced female perception is created in the mind through hypnotic stories, visualization and suggestions while under hypnotic conditions. Hypnosis is not being subjected to intense brainwashing tactics like extremely confusing imagery, voices, lowering down the male body, or assertion of female as supreme.

Reprogramming Yourself With Self-Hypnosis

Information about self-hypnosis being the best method to reprogram yourself to be the person you dream about, what else it is used for, and its effectiveness as a tool for self-improvement. This article also covers tips on how to make hypnosis work.

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