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Using Self-Hypnosis To Get In The Zone For Sporting Excellence

Have you ever wanted to get into a psychological place where you can perform to your optimum level? Well this article shows you how to use self-hypnosis to gauge your optimum level of arousal and ensure you can achieve it with more regularity.

Self Hypnosis Is a Fun Tool

Self hypnosis can be used for all sorts of things which is what makes it such a fun tool to use. Here are some ideas that you can use the next time you hypnotize yourself.

Hypnotherapy And Weight Management

As the NHS looks to find more effective, longer lasting methods for common issues, hypnotherapy for weight loss is fast becoming the chosen methodology. Increasingly promoted is the use of a new strategy called ‘hypno-band’, a technique which convinces the client that their stomach is smaller – like a mental ‘gastric-band’ but without the actual physical repercussions or the need for dangerous surgery. This fast result system is becoming widely available among those in-the-know; yet I believe that it is always best to search within too – to understand how we get to the point of needing one in…

How Conversational Hypnosis Can Lift Your Career To New Heights

Many people don’t realize what a tremendous difference conversational hypnosis can make for their career development. It’s not about just working smarter it’s about getting noticed for doing it. Discover how conversational hypnosis can help you get recognition in just the right way.

The Time Stretch

When you do not seem to have enough time to do all that you want to or need to, all in that order. I have one piece of advice for you: Stretch your time in your mind. I know you cannot stretch time in reality, but if you prioritize right, you can successfully stretch time in your mind. Here is how.

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