Abraham Hicks – Do This When Your Reality Doesn’t Look Like The Dream You’ve Dreamt Of

Hypnosis Practice and Treating the Resistant Client

Does your hypnosis practice have clients who seem to block you? Here are some great tips to keep your hypnosis clients returning, your therapy fresh and powerful, and your reputation as a therapist shining.

Self-Improvement – Finding the Positive in Change and Re-Framing the Negative

Have you ever had to move out of an apartment? Have you ever been forced to change jobs or relocate? Has a relationship ever ended and left you feeling devastated? Well read on and discover some of the ways you can re-frame these changes into something that you WANT and that are a transformation (Trance-Formation) and positive improvement. Learn how to make the best of changes and find yourself glad that you made the changes.

Feminine Hypnosis – A Much Needed Tool?

Not to belittle the males, but the female psyche needs an ego boost from time to time too. Yes, perhaps some females seem like they have it all together, but do they really? There are a number of ways anyone can change their ways, but sometimes guidance or a gentle push is needed in the right direction.

Better Sleeping – Hypnosis Can Help

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important; you can’t get through the next day without getting properly recharged. Your mind has a thousand thoughts racing through it all at one time; going over the things to do list, the meeting at work, the stack of bills on the table.

Learn How Hypnosis Can Safely and Easily Improve Your Life

How self hypnosis works and how you yourself can begin to use it. You will quickly learn how to relax yourself deeply and activate the powers of your imagination. Learning how hypnosis can switch off unwanted habits and addictive behaviors and switch on good habits that enhance lives and well being dramatically eliminate your fears and bad habits.

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