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Top Ten Reasons Why We Should Practice Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is an inexpensive yet very effective way in improving our health. It enhances every aspect of our well-being. It is the most precious self development tool in the world.

3 Crucial Details to Look Out For When Choosing For a NLP Certification Program

Nowadays, NLP has become pretty well-known in various countries. And of no surprise, here in Singapore, you will find also increasing number of people interested in using NLP being a tool to enhance their lives and help them in fulfilling their purposes and desires.

Everyone’s a Foreigner!

Have you ever been in a business meeting with a colleague and afterward commented on how well it went? If your colleague looked at you in amazement and said it was a complete waste of time you may have found yourself wondering whether you were in the same meeting. The NLP answer is that you were in two separate meetings, because you were each filtering the experience differently.

Enhancing Communications With the NLP Meta Model

An introduction to the Meta Model, which is really where NLP began and continues to provide useful tools for communication. In particular, this article focuses on how to use Meta Model questions to achieve a better understanding of someone else’s ‘map of the world’ or to challenge their unconscious assumptions without breaking rapport.

Are You Convinced? Using the NLP Convincer Patterns For Greater Influence

If you want to influence other people’s decision-making, it’s essential to understand their convincer strategies. Here is an explanation of how someone achieves the frame of mind that convinces them to act and how to spot the four fundamentally different types of convincers.

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