Abraham-Hicks – Don’t Ever Replace Your Relationship With Your Inner-Being and You’ll Be The Best

Is There Such a Thing As Self Hypnosis?

Self Hypnosis is often used by people without them knowing it. It is easy to learn and of secure effect.

Is There A Special Form Of Language For Hypnosis?

Illusory Choice. I’ll write this as though you were hypnotising yourself, but of course the hypnotherapist would use much the same language. Either say the following sentence out loud or run it silently through your head.

Does Hypnotism Work?

Does hypnotism work or is it just fantasy? Is it just something dreamed up by pseudo professionals or does it actually have some merit? Find out here.

What Is Our Sub-Conscious, And Why Should I Worry?

Our sub-conscious is what keeps us safe, but there are a few holes in it’s design, and they’ve been discovered. From subliminal messages to unethical marketing tactics, were all victims of a mass conspiracy know as mind control.

Can You Put Girls Under Hypnosis?

So you think that putting girls under hypnosis will help you get what you want. But what does that mean? How can it be right and what is really involved?

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