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Expanded Awareness Technique in NLP

By using expanded awareness we can take in more information from the world around us, both in terms in what is observed from a rational conscious state, as well as subjective experience. You can sense more than your 5 senses allow.

What is Expanded Awareness?

Through the NLP technique of expanded awareness, we can take in more information from the world around u, both in terms of what is observed from a rational conscious state as well as from subjective experiences. It enables you to sense more than your five senses allow, giving you something of a sixth sense to perceive what is occurring around you.

What is a Hypnosis Trance?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past century you’ve probably heard the term hypnosis being thrown around.  Movies, books, TV shows and other media has mentioned it.

The Art of Covert Hypnosis – Why on Earth Would Someone Like You Need Hypnosis?

Why do you need hypnosis? Hypnosis will gain you influence over those around you. Influence is the key to personal success. Just look at some of the greatest men and woman alive. They are influential; all because they either learned the art of covert hypnosis or are naturals and do it subconsciously.

Integrating Beyond the Given Trance of Normal Life

Life and existence are nothing without integrated thinking and living. Normal life is the ultimate trance. If it was not, then all things would be achievable with normal states of consciousness. In short, more is required, yet with less, meaning simplicity and directness rather than really being simple. Directness is the secret to good integration and full context understanding.

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