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The Power Of Hypnosis: Easily Create Real Change In Your Life

Have you ever tried to change a hard-to-break habit or a deeply ingrained personality trait in your life like quitting smoking, giving up caffeine, spending less money, or even something like overcoming an irrational fear or a negative mindset that is holding you back? Alternatively, have you ever tried to enhance your life by learning to make more money; to attract wealth, relationships or luck; to be more confident; or to be more successful? Thinking back to whatever it was that you have tried to change about yourself, were you successful?

Change Your Mind to Change Your Life

Hypnosis is a step by step process. It is started by bypassing one’s conscious mind, which is done by putting you into a state of heightened awareness. This calms your logical mind which then grants access to one’s subconscious.

The Rookie Mistakes That Hypnotists Make (and How to Avoid Them)

New Hypnotists may be nervous working with clients and may even make mistakes that can affect the outcome for the client. Here are some typical mistakes that many rookie hypnotists make.

What Is NLP and Its Benefits?

This article gives a deeper understanding of what NLP means. How it came to be? Who coined the word NLP? What benefits it can give to people who engage in it either as a practitioner or a trainer?

Hypnotherapy Then and Now

What makes hypnotherapy different from then and now? Is it really effective and what is its current state?

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