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Should We All Just Trust Our Unconscious Mind? Is It Ok To Have Undefined Goals In Hypnotherapy?

What happens if a hypnotherapy client does not know what they want to achieve with the sessions? What if they have no goal? Can we really trust their unconscious mind to deal with it accordingly? Read on to find out…

Can Hypnosis Really Promote Success?

Whenever you read about hypnosis, it’s usually written in a positive fashion. This is quite right and just as it should be, but it must also be remembered that hypnosis may also be practiced in a negative way. This is something about which you must be very careful.

Self-Hypnosis Made Easy

Hypnosis capitalizes on a person’s ability to focus closely on a specific thought – but unlike what humans normally do, hypnosis forces one to temporarily loosen one’s hold on rational consciousness so the subconscious thought process can be accessed. This is done to introduce new thoughts and concepts to the subconscious, which holds the invisible reins that control rational thought processes. The subconscious provides the initial impetus to do something and the conscious part of our thinking provides the willpower.

Can Just Anybody Learn Self-Hypnosis?

Helpful information on self-hypnosis techniques. The simple steps required to get you on the road to making positive changes in your life.

The Consequences of Hypnosis

Is there a bad effect of hypnosis? Maybe you are already know that hypnosis is useful to cure psychological problems like addiction, low self esteem, and reduce pain. But maybe you do not know whether it has bad side effect or not. Some people say that hypnosis can cause headache, vertigo, or nausea.

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