Abraham Hicks – Everything That You Create Is More Than 99% Completed Before Any Action You Do

Elements of Persuasion

The power to influence others, the ability to change minds and win hearts – all of this is yours, once you master the four elements of persuasion. What are these elements? They are confidence, body language, storytelling and confirmation. We’re going to look into that now.

Secret Persuasive Techniques

In this article you will learn about three secret persuasive techniques. When you read about them, you will no doubt feel disappointed, because they do not seem nearly as powerful as they are when you think about them. However, if you put them to use, you will be amazed how easy it is to influence other people.

How to Control People’s Thoughts

If you want to know how to control people’s thoughts, then this article is for you. Our thoughts shape our realities, and they determine our decisions and behaviors. And if you can control other people’s thoughts, then you can control them.

Using Language to Hypnotize People

Using language to hypnotize people is one of the most effective ways to influence and control others. Our human brains are hardwired for language, and just like a computer can be hacked by someone who knows how to manipulate code, so can a human mind be hacked by someone who knows how to manipulate language.

Developing Influence Over Other People

Developing influence over other people is a skill that can be learned, practiced and mastered just like any other skill. It is true that some people are more charismatic and influential characters by nature, but it is also true that all master-influencers are those who have diligently and systematically practiced and honed their persuasive skills.

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