Abraham Hicks – Feel This For Unlimited Financial Abundance

Wealth & Substance, Beans and Sauerkraut

Everybody wants easy wealth or “easy wealth”, but not everyone achieves it either way. The easiest wealth is the wealth you genuinely earn in a smart way, no strings attached. Wealth earned in a “smart way” (of course, in quotes) is akin to silliness as we soon shall see.

The Hypnosis Brand

What do people think when they hear ‘hypnosis’? Either it’s evil, it’s fake or it’s a powerful force for good. Only that last one is based in reality, but the first two linger over the field’s reputation. Knowing how to combat these misconceptions is vital for everyone in the industry.

How to Use Questions to Find Your Purpose

There’s a question – a class of questions, really – that clarifies your life’s goals. They sound trivial, but don’t judge them. Judging uses the wrong part of your brain for this exercise. In the right context, these questions can trigger new ideas that reshape the way you think about your future.

How the Best Brain Exercises Work

The best brain exercises use the skills our ancestors relied on. Socialising. Navigation. Planning. Physical performance. Learn how hypnosis enhances these and more, transforming your brain’s health beyond recognition.

Don’t Define Success (Do This Instead)

What’s the meaning of success? Who cares? If you look for a definition, you won’t find the answers you need. That’s because, by focusing on definitions, you’re using the wrong part of your brain to achieve success. Use the right part and you’ll find answers to what you’re really asking.

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