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A Woman Experienced Anxiety, Journeyed to Her Soul Fracture in Jail, and Experienced Soul Retrieval

Zane was a beautiful, kind, and independent woman who had experienced general anxiety disorder since her twenties that manifested as financial stagnancy. Now in her forties, Zane pursued Golden DNA Activation as a method of activating her subconscious mind to bring forward the missing pieces into her conscious awareness. Golden DNA Activation transformed her dream time and visualization gifts.

The Weird Ways Your Mind Fixes Itself

If you’re mentally stronger than a baby, then your mind must have learned how to improve itself. Here’s how it did – and how you can use that.

The Painted House (We Are What Our Subconscious Makes Us)

What we put into our subconscious and our spirit, we are. That is the concept of the house that is already painted before we have painted it, if you get what I mean.

The Fun Way To Surrender To Yourself

Self-hypnosis breaks bad habits, cultivates motivation and teaches you about you. But if that’s not enough for you, here’s the fun you can have.

Curious How Hypnosis Works?

Want to know how hypnosis works? Let me tell you all about how I won’t answer that question – and why you might not be ready for the answer.

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