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NLP Course Tips – Rapport Revisited

Rapport is when you appear to really ‘click’ with someone. NLP Trainer Michael Beale shares his experiences of rapport with clients and elaborates upon how rapport is useful for learning and connecting with people. Michael explains when it is likely to be useful and when it might be counterproductive. He concludes by outlining how you can encourage rapport.

Is Past Life Regression Real or Imagined?

Past life regression also known as a PLR sounds like a mysterious process that only a small portion of the population could hope to experience. For some people, the concept of past life therapy sounds like it relies on reincarnation, or remnants of dreams and fantasies.

Helping People To Create Better Lives Using NLP

Do you like to help people get over their problems and start living life to the fullest. Then this article should interest you. It’s about NLP and helping people over rough times, depression, and anxiety, divorce, job loss, etc.

Can The Hypnotherapist Be Invisible? Can We Be Invisible In Hypnosis?

There is much debate over how much influence the hypnotherapist has just by being in the room with a client. many believe that a hypnotherapist can be virtually invisible and others believe that just by being there, are influencing the client in a number of ways. Here we explore that discussion.

Am I Asleep or Unconscious During Hypnosis?

It is easy to see how people would think that they are asleep or unconscious during hypnosis. Indeed many a time before I trained in hypnotherapy having seen a fair few TV shows I would have thought the same thing. It is the job of a stage hypnotist to have you think that they have a certain power and can make you become unconscious or to fall asleep otherwise where would the entertainment factor be.

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