Abraham Hicks – How To Break A Negative Recurrent Pattern That Would Last

I Love You More Than Other Hypnotic Phrases

Why her shirt caused me to think about it long after it happened. And how you can experience the same.

Get Their Imagination On Your Side For Effortless Persuasion

Imagination is a powerful tool. Get theirs to help you.

How Deep Does This Rabbit Hole Go?

Language is the most beautiful creation on Earth. Are you using it to your full potential?

Why Do These Covert Hypnosis Patterns Work So Well?

The incredibly persuasive language patterns of covert hypnosis. Developed for people who were terrified of hypnosis.

The Power of Stories For Massive Subconscious Influence

Telling stories is much more persuasive than people realize. That’s why when you learn how, you’ll have an edge over everybody else.

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