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NLP Techniques – The Top 3 NLP Processes for Weight Loss

Those jeans are getting just a little harder to button. The scale is edging up…not going down. Not a nice way to start your day. You try and something keeps stopping you from letting go of the weight. What if you could turn that around fairly easily using NLP techniques? Here are the top 3 NLP techniques I use for myself and my clients to get the weight off and keep it off.

NLP Techniques – Top 3 NLP Processes for Conquering Stage Fright

Making sure that your shirt is tucked in right, you walk towards that door just wishing that you were one of the people sitting in the audience. Not a chance, you are the speaker. You walk in, put your notes on the podium your heart is going boom boom boom. You look up at the few people who arrived early, they are ignoring you. You think…Why me? How is my hair? My voice does not carry. This is new material today. Maybe they won’t like it. Someone is eating oatmeal over there. That person is checking emails, I want to check my emails. I wish I was home just checking my emails… How would you like it to be… different?

What Exactly Are The Benefits Of Self Hypnosis?

I’ve read that self hypnosis is not as effective as hypnosis done with a professional hypnotherapist. I almost laughed at the notion. Being under hypnosis is a very personal experience.

What Can I Do To Make Hypnosis Work For Me?

You’ve probably heard the myths about hypnosis. You know, things like how dangerous it is if you don’t know what you’re doing. Dangerous?

How Can Hypnosis Help Someone With Depression?

I got depressed when I was going through my divorce. I can think of those days, still today, and I get depressed. Some songs also depress me.

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