Abraham Hicks – How To Solve The Problem When You Are In It

Hypnosis Resolves Emotional Hunger Weight Problems

Have you noticed that you use food to satisfy emotions rather than eating because you are physiologically hungry? Have you become aware that when you are sad, low, unhappy, depressed, angry, frustrated, bored or lonely that you go to the fridge for something to eat?

What You Need to Know About Hypnosis

The first thing you need to know about hypnosis is that it’s been around for ever. Well, not quite from the human standpoint, but certainly since we’ve been aware of the phenomenon which is a very long time, certainly well before the Christian era.

The Great Power of Inner Visualization Can Show You True Peace and Healing Light

You can transform anything in your life from the inside out. When you meditate, visualize and do hypnosis, you are transmitting frequencies that are picked up by physical matter. You affect matter and make significant shifts in your life and in the lives of others. Keep on doing it, and you will have and become what you’d like. Your dreams and wishes will be fulfilled.

How to Get What You Want Using Hypnosis

You needed it that evening and think and think though you will, it simply won’t come to you. The next morning is so sunny, you decide you’ll take your coffee out to the deck. There you sit, basking in the warmth, when all of a sudden, the number pops into your mind. Why is this? Good grief, you thought hard enough about it the previous day. Why now, all of a sudden?

Guided Visualizations to Soothe the Soul and Stimulate Success

Guided visualizations can create remarkable results. They use the extraordinary powers of the inner mind to create significant life shifts in healing, relaxation, and success.

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