Abraham Hicks – How To Tap Into The Most Powerful ENERGY You’ve EVER EXPERIENCED!

Hypnosis – The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

So let’s establish the two parts of the mind for hypnosis. The conscious and unconscious mind. We can split the mind into two parts, the logical, thinking part, everything of which you’re currently aware, and the much more powerful unconscious mind.

Hypnotic Phenomena In Everyday Life

We’ve talked about the Rapid Eye Movement during the sleep cycle when we dream. The way the body experiences catalepsy — the natural numbness and stiffness of the limbs — and the way the body responds directly to the imagination during this dream state. Precisely the same thing happens during hypnosis.

Change Your Life Using Powerful Secrets of Hypnotic Symbols!

Did you know that some of the most successful people in the world use powerful symbols to help reinforce their mind set and beliefs of success? Have you ever felt the need for maintenance and encouragement to keep doing the right things? Doing the right things is a great way to gain and maintain success, yet how do you keep this momentum during those really stressful times? Well, read and discover some simple and powerful ways to help you keep on the right course towards success!

Persuasive Programming

Being persuasive is the only way one can be successful in NLP. Our minds are human computers and easily able to be programmed if known how to do it correctly and the only place to start any NLP programming is by persuasion.

A Powerful Alternative to Hypnosis

Quit smoking, Lose weight, Overcome shyness…Are some of the Promises of Hypnosis. The fact is Hypnosis can be expensive and does not work for most people.

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