Abraham Hicks – If This Was All You Knew You Would Live A Conscious Happy Life – Listen To This!

Hypnosis – Dreams, Catalepsy and Why’s This Man Standing on My Chest?

Stage hypnosis takes two basic forms. Either a number of people are invited up onto the stage, where the ‘hypnotist’ puts them into a trance. This is where you have one or more on the floor, quacking like ducks or on their hands and knees acting like dogs. This is not hypnosis, but pure entertainment.

Erotic Hypnosis – Develop a Sexual Personality

If you are struggling with feeling sexy, or feeling confident around others, then self hypnosis can help help you change this feeling. Not only will certain hypnotherapy techniques help change your emotions and your beliefs, but it will help make you more appealing, alluring and sexy. Discover for yourself just how powerful hypnosis is for bringing about such amazing changes within your life.

Conversational Hypnosis – The Mental Art of “Stealing In”

First let’s start with discussing the conscious mind. The primary function of your conscious mind is to make sense of things in your environment and to keep you safe. The conscious mind, serves a gatekeeper, helps to determine what will make it into your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis – Ultradian Rhythms, Cutting the Long Hours and Making Self-Time

Basically, the Ultradian Rhythym controls, or moderates if you will, these two parts. The actual function of these two parts, and the way they correspond, one with the other, is as yet unknown. What is known, though, is that the left hemisphere is responsible for logical, communicative thought, while the right hemisphere starts working more when we’re in a relaxed state, hypnotized or dreaming…

NLP Techniques Are Effective in Reading Body Language – But Can it Be Used to Read Minds?

Imagine how the quality of your professional life will improve if you have the ability to read your prospects, clients, colleagues’ body language and study their real thoughts? Imagine how you can take your relationship with your loved ones to a whole new level when you master the ability to read their body language accurately and give them what they truly need.

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