Abraham Hicks – Incredible Signs From Your Loved Ones – This Helps Recognize Them

NLP Model of Communication – 4 Pillars to Getting Desired Results

NLP is the acronym for Neuro Linguistic Programming. The study of excellence in communication (with yourself and others) in order to create the results you want!

The Power of Hypnosis – Is Hypnosis For Me Or Should I Stick to What I Think I Know?

Mention the word hypnosis and the image that immediately springs to mind is one of the magician on stage holding a watch and swinging it backwards and forwards in front of a willing audience member who, always seems to be adamant that he/she will never succumb to being hypnotised. Only to find out at the end of the show that the hypnosis has indeed worked and that he/she has been performing acts at the mere suggestion of the magician, much to the rest of the watching audiences delight and wonder.

NLP – The Study of Excellence in Communication

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is an approach to understanding and directing human experience, communication and behaviour. Find out why NLP is important to know about, what it is and how knowing NLP can help you get what you want in life.

The 3 Steps to Incredible Self Hypnosis

So while most people will have a good understanding of hypnosis through television and stage shows, the majority of those will not realize the power of self hypnosis. Self hypnosis can be used to get laser targeted focus and really train your mind to achieve what you want.

Learn How to Hypnotize People – Hypnotize Your Friends With This Easy Technique

Your friends will be amazed when you hypnotize your friends in under 4 minutes. Learn how to hypnotize people with this quick technique that will make you popular at bars and clubs!

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