Abraham Hicks – It Is Coming! It MUST COME! IT IS LAW!!

Transgender Feminization Hypnosis – Freedom From Fears and Blocks

Prepare yourself to relax. Close your eyes. Feel your breaths getting slower and deeper.

Self Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety Relief – Gaze Relaxation Method

Welcome. If you care to follow my humble voice, you will be able to descend into a very deep state of trance very quickly. As we progress, you will repeatedly come back out of the trance, which will then allow you to go even deeper as you return.

Hypnosis for Relaxation and Stress Relief – Progressive Relaxation

Welcome to your journey towards a better you. As you relax deep into your subconscious, the place that creates you every day anew, you will get a chance to truly change. Suggestions made here go to the very root of your being and will grow into beautiful realities.

Free Hypnotic Relaxation – Progressive Relaxation

Welcome. You are about to enter the secret kingdom deep inside your mind. You are entitled to rule here. From here, you can change the very substance of your existence.

Expect More From Feminization Hypnosis – Transgenders, Transsexuals

Welcome and thank you for taking time to relax. You will find that your body and mind will be grateful for this time. “Thank you!

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