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4 Common Hypnosis Myths Revealed

Did you know that would be possible to improve the quality of your life without having to resort to any substances or medications? Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for self-improvement; a qualified and experienced hypnotist will be able to help you unleash your potential that you might have kept hidden for some reason that might not be immediately apparent to you. However, many people who might be able to benefit from this technique end up rejecting it because they have many misconceptions regarding it.

NLP Pattern Tutorial – Compulsion Blowout

Compulsive behaviour can have an impact on every part of our lives and making changes can often be difficult. With the Compulsion Blowout pattern you can significantly reduce the time it takes to overcome and eradicate self destructive habitual behaviour.

NLP Concept – Secondary Gain

Wanting to change and actually making a change in our lives are two very different activities, and we often find that we sabotage ourselves in our endeavours. The pulling power of Secondary Gain can keep us stuck where we are without our realising and by addressing these issues we can begin to make real progress in making positive changes in our lives.

NLP Pattern Tutorial – Hand Clap Collapsing Anchors

Dealing with strong emotions tied to a memory or traumatic event can be debilitating for many, however this simple NLP Pattern can help with reprocessing the emotions in a more positive way. This easy to use pattern based upon collapsing anchors can be used by anyone no matter what their NLP experience level.

10 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the end of the old year and the start of a new one. As one door closes another one opens. New opportunities to succeed and exceed present themselves. If you’re like most other folks, you’re thinking about New Year’s Resolutions for things like losing weight, stopping smoking (especially if you’re a closet smoker), reducing stress, and meditating more. Below are 10 ways to help you keep those resolutions, starting off the New Year right.

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