Abraham Hicks – It’s Attraction! It’s Not About What Others Are Doing, Is About What You Are Doing

Is It Possible to Learn While I’m Sleeping?

Have you ever wondered if you could just switch on an audio recording and learn everything you need to know about a particular subject? Or how about waking up and brimming with self confidence, ready to take on the world?

NLP for Fitness: Reprogram Your Mind to Want to Work Out

This is an example of a shift in Submodalities. It can be very powerful when you do it right. A “modality” is part of how we think. We think in our different modalities: sounds, feelings, sights and thought. A “sub”-modality is how we store that particular thought. First of all, do you want to start working out, would you like to get serious about your fitness? If the answer is no, read no further, this won’t help. If it is yes, this will open doors.

NLP and Codependence

I remember in my NLP Practitioner course when I was working in my own codependence issues. We were working on metaphors. My partner for the particular exercise, in her brilliance came up with a wonderful one that she used in her own practice.

How to Use Self Hypnosis Techniques Efficiently

Self hypnosis is a powerful solution one may want to implement for influencing yourself. The spectrum of that influence is really tremendous, and can go from ‘installing’ new, favorable viewpoints and mind-set (like ‘I respect myself’) via improving your entire body general performance (for example in sports), to reducing pain.

NLP: How to Remove Procrastination Now, Not Later

What have you been procrastinating about that you want to feel motivation? Are you ready to let go of your procrastination?  Really?

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