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Investigative Hypnosis: Is It Effective or Completely Bogus?

Hypnosis has always been surrounded by mystery and controversy. For decades it has been used by investigators to aid in criminal investigations and along the way it has raised some legal concerns. Does it really work or is it worthless?

Subconscious Programming Through Hypnosis

There are misconceptions about hypnosis. This article will help you understand what hypnosis really is, and how you can benefit from it.

Finding Some Balance When You Care Too Much

Is it possible to become too wrapped up and involved in our clients issues and problems? Whenever we hear someone else’s story we naturally reference and make sense of it based on our own interpretation of what we’ve heard. Staying detached and being aware of our boundaries can sometimes require a little effort.

Managing Stress With Hypnosis

Together, you and your hypnotist can work to alleviate the pain the initial event caused and turn it into more of a learning experience. They will also provide you with better coping mechanisms such as self-hypnosis, breathing exercises, meditation or even a “zone of serenity.” The only difference between you and those that cope better is that they have figured out ways to do so.

Hypnosis: Clearing the Past for an Amazing Future

Most of our issues come from childhood. Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, obesity or a fear of clowns, hypnosis is an amazing modality that goes to the actual root of the issue and neutralizes it. It’s extremely difficult moving forward in life while carrying all the baggage from the past. Hypnosis clears out the cobwebs and gives you a fresh start.

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