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NLP Basics – Their Model of the World, Ecology and Resistance

There are some basic ideas (presuppositions) that help NLP Practitioners understand and utilize the system of tools and techniques. The first four have to do with the client’s model of the world, the ecology of their issue and resistance. Let’s start with their model of the world. When you are working with someone, it is best to see where they are “at” in their mind. What is it that they have to believe for their problem to be a problem.

NLP: The Unconscious Mind – Unconscious Perception

And as you read down the page… breathing in and now releasing it with any stresses of the day and relax and as you read these words you notice that you easily and effortlessly receive ideas from your genius mind, from your inner wisdom… Three of the Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind (from Dr. Tad James) I discuss in this article are the ideas that the unconscious mind:

NLP for Coaches: Hypnotic Language Patterns 1 – Mind Read and Lost Performative

This article is designed to help you understand and assimilate the Mind Read and Lost Performative language patterns. As you will notice below I have underlined the usage of both of these patterns. A Mind Read is claiming to know the thoughts or feelings of another, without letting them in on how you know that information. A mind read is based on something that is plausible. For your convenience, I have underlined the Mind Read and Lost Performative examples below. Once you get a feel for them, you may start using them easily and effortlessly in your own hypnotic communication.

NLP: The Unconscious Mind – Instincts, Symbology and Perception

If we were to think about the unconscious mind with our conscious mind, it seems like we are contemplating the entire iceberg from the tip. It seems dark, it seems nearly infinite. How do we connect with that seemingly immense and unreachable part of ourselves to create change in our lives?

NLP: The Unconscious Mind and Memories

First let me say that we are labeling something that scientists and psychologists can only theorize. Some even say there is not unconscious mind, that it is simply a continuation of the conscious mind. For the sake of understanding NLP, it helps to consider that there is an “unconscious mind.” One of the best descriptions I have heard so far is that the unconscious mind contains everything we are not thinking about now.

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