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What Is Hypnosis? A Tale Of Two Theories

As a clinical hypnotherapist I am often asked the question “What is hypnosis”. It is, of course, a perfectly reasonable question, especially when coming from someone who is considering utilizing hypnosis for their own personal improvement…

Life Coaching and NLP – Facts and Myths

When people ask what I do and I tell them I’m a life coach, I see smiles of confusion. If I tell them I’m an NLP practitioner, I see looks of worry. There are many myths about life coaching and NLP and this article is my attempt to target the most common.

Instant Hypnosis Used For Powerful Self Confidence Hypnosis

Instant hypnosis coupled with self confidence hypnosis make a powerful duo. Confidence hypnosis, when combined with instant hypnosis induction techniques can get you the results you want fast.

Underground Hypnosis – Learn How to Do Hypnosis

Underground hypnosis is in demand and just the idea of hypnotism is intriguing. Some see hypnosis technique to put a person into a deep trance or sleep. However, it’s not about sleep at all. Check out the self hypnosis steps tips and how to confirm if you’ve ever been in a trance?

Covert Hypnosis – Using Mind Control to Influence Other People

There are various different hypnosis techniques which are used for treating many different issues such as quitting smoking, curing phobias, overeating and preventing negative thoughts or emotions. It works by relaxing and quieting the mind until it is in a receptive state. Once quieted, external stimulation can be reduced or asserted to leave a person’s subconscious mind open to suggestion.

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