Abraham Hicks – Light Your Light and Everybody Who Resonates Will Light Up Too

NLP in the Courtroom: Effective Visualization for Success

This is actually very simple, and can give you a tremendous advantage in the courtroom. The most powerful tool in hypnosis is the hypnotist’s mental state. This is also true in the courtroom. You are effectively, or ineffectively, hypnotizing the others in the courtroom with you mental state. Whether it is confidence or not, your mental state will be felt by everyone, it will speak with greater intensity than any words you can utter. How do you create a more powerful mental state?

NLP in the Courtroom – Utilizing Embedded Commands

Are you ready to take on the lawyers out there who are schooled in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)? Adding these methods to your practice may actually be enjoyable as you elegantly win with a smile on your face. As you consider the benefits of being able to communicate with the unconscious minds in the courtroom while on the surface you are simply stating the facts, you may find yourself becoming curious as to how this could possibly be achieved.

NLP in the Courtroom – Instant Confidence

Starting to feel that burnout on the horizon? Before considering a new profession altogether, there is an option of revolutionizing your own practice from within.

Getting Hypnotized to Stop Smoking – A Thoughtful Insight

Breaking out of an addictive habit is never easy. It is why people struggle so hard to lose weight, be more punctual at meetings or quit smoking. Although having the will power to say ‘no’ is crucial, it is not always enough. Find out here how to stop deadly addictions using the power of hypnosis.

NLP: In a Dark Place? Let the World Open Up for You Now

The mobile homes, rusty barrels, carcasses of vehicles from sixty years ago dotted the landscape. A dog barked in the distance. A snake slithered hastily to get away from a quail. I was looking over the marred desert landscape thinking about a failed agreement. I kept looking at the unkempt homesteads wondering why this person so blatantly acted in discord with our agreement. I was beating myself up on different levels. I wanted to get back to the city, back to my computer and drown in the oblivion of internet and emails. As I turned to the North, I looked at the mountains. Somehow they reminded me of why we were out there. To relax, for a change. But I was irritable, I could not sit still or relax. Why did that client do that? How could I let that happen, my mind went on and on.

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