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Adding New Senses With Hypnosis

You already ‘see’ more than just vision. The way your brain constructs your model of reality draws information together in surprising ways. If you learn how to enhance this process, you can enrich your senses and even add new ones.

Trust Versus Status: Hypnotising the Mammalian Brain

The mammalian brain, also known as the limbic system, monitors your social environment. Since it’s so alert, knowing how to please it is an important part of the hypnotic process.

Why Hypnotists Should Learn Neuroscience

Hypnosis has been around for millennia, so why should hypnotists learn neuroscience? It’s true that you can hypnotise people without knowing how the brain works. Knowing the basics, though, gives you a secret edge against hypnotists who don’t.

Fear Versus Safety: Hypnotising The Reptilian Brain

The reptilian brain, also known as the basal ganglia, lies at the core of the human brain. It also plays a key role in hypnosis. Learn what that is to make your trances more reliable and effective.

Trigger Epiphanies With Unconscious Thinking

Having a purpose doesn’t mean you never get stuck. Even if you know where you are headed, you might not know your next step. Don’t let this derail you. With the right epiphanies, you can get back to fulfilling your purpose in even better ways.

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