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Afraid of Hypnosis

Follow us as we embark on a journey of discovery around the common myths and legends surrounding the practice of hypnosis. Beyond the dramatization occasionally portrayed by the movie industry and works of fiction, is hypnosis a state of unconsciousness in which we lose our self-control to enter an eerie trance similar to a sleepwalking state? Are we truly relegating the control of our minds and thoughts to the hypnotist by simply following the rhythm of their voice? Or are we, in fact, entering a state of focus and concentration that enables us to gain control over pieces of our lives, actions and behaviors we did not have control over before? This article covers everything you ever wondered about hypnosis and were afraid to ask.

How to Hypnotize Someone – Some Simple Steps

Learning hypnotism and how to hypnotise someone can be a rewarding experience for both parties. This skill may help you to help someone you care about to achieve something special or get through a traumatic period in their life.

Business And Suggestion

Sure, there is an economic recession, but it is generally of our own making and suggestive design. With that, I begin this article, and I will spend the rest of this article explaining that statement.

Program The Mind With Brain Entrainment and Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years to assist patients in leading more fulfilling lives. The last thirty years however have seen the emergence of an advanced brain entrainment technology, whereby an individual can become his own ‘brain-programmer’. This article will explain how entrainment can be used to assist with self hypnosis.

Basic Skills And Understanding Behaviour Helps You On Your Way To Learning Hypnosis

Hypnosis is described as a sleeplike state or deep trance. However, the patient is not asleep and remains aware of their environment and hears and responds to questions. The hypnotist needs to be focused, skilled and educated in the use of language and suggestions to induce a hypnotic state in their patient. These practitioners are widely referred to as hypnotherapists, and they use the patient’s hypnotic state and their skilful use of language, to help patients deal with their issues effectively.

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