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How Hypnosis Can Benefit Your Family

With the countless associations of hypnosis, as fed to us by movies, showing a character falling into a trance in front of a swinging pendant, it is no wonder that its less-than-savory reputation precedes its practical uses and overlooks its potential benefits. The myths that surround this-from surrendering your will to your hypnotist to being subject to the spell without your knowledge or permission-also do little to help the common perception and may even make people shun it. While this may be said to be instrumental in overcoming numerous phobias or fears, the majority seem to be having, by sheer lack of understanding, a phobia of it. A good place to start in exploring for its relevance is in the family.

What You Need to Know About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy comes from the Greek word “hypnos” which means sleep and the Greek word “therapeia” which means to give a service. The Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders defines it as a combination of hypnosis and therapeutic intervention. Its main purpose is to coax the client’s inhibiting factors into opening up to a more positive direction. Since these inhibiting factors are rooted deeply into the client’s subconscious, there is a need to put the client in a more accepting state that can only be reached through hypnosis.

The Benefits of Hypnosis With the Universal Law

This business of marrying the Law of Attraction to Hypnosis is turning out to be a most fascinating journey. I find that when I hypnotize myself and visualize what I desire, the keywords or symbols that I repeat when I’m ‘under,’ continue to buzz around in my head all the next day. Another strange thing, or strange to me anyway, is the fact that I hypnotize myself at night before going to bed.

Hypnosis – How Your Brain Works While You Are in Hypnosis

Ever wondered what happens to your brain while you are being hypnotized? This article gives a brief overview of how your brain works in hypnosis.

Control Your Own Mind and Mental Directives by Learning Subconscious Self Direction

You can direct your own subconcious mind or you can allow other people to do it. There are a number of ways to direct your subconcious mind. Take charge of your own mind now.

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