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Why Is Communication Flawed?

Ask 20 people in a room what the first five words are that come to their mind when you say “education”, you get many different answers. Of course many people would mention words like “learning”, “teacher”, “knowledge” etc. But where it concerns other details some may mention “boring”, or “fun”, “punishment”, “exciting” or any other word. We each have a different map of the world, created by our past experiences, personality, culture, (limiting) beliefs, and so forth. We all put multiple meanings to words, and words give us feelings (either positive or negative.)

How to Build Rapport With a Group

As a trainer I am often asked “how do you build rapport with an entire group?” Without specialized training it is for some people already hard enough to create rapport with one individual, especially to get another human being to trust and feel comfortable around where it concerns a personal matter. A higher level of rapport is also needed when making a large decision, or even a large purchase for instance. When you have rapport with someone, they share more, are more likely to want to follow you. In whatever you wish them to follow you in, either it being buying something from you, trust your expertise on a topic, or guiding them into change.

NLP Anchoring to Supercharge The Law Of Attraction

NLP anchoring can enhance the effectiveness of the law of attraction. This article takes a look at the specific steps.

What Is Self-Hypnosis – How Does It Work!?

This article looks at what self-hypnosis is and how it works. It discusses self-hypnosis in combination with subliminal persuasion. It also provides links to a couple of research examples regarding use of hypnotherapy in conjunction with weight-loss. It also links to five programs suggested by the author.

How to Create Virtually Instant Rapport Using NLP

Creating rapport with people is a skill that will benefit anyone. NLP offers an exceptionally effective method to accomplish the task.

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