Abraham Hicks – Remove Resistance And Manifest SO MUCH MORE…All Just By Saying These 6 Magic Words

You Might Be an Ericksonian Hypnotist, But Your Website Isn’t

We hypnotists love our words (with good reason). When a client searches for solutions, though, the last thing they want is to read a novel to learn what you do. Balance being unique with being informative.

The Patient Building Of Life Within Yourself

Happiness is a job inside yourself, sadness is thinking that happiness is caused outside of yourself in some way, whether by “outer” wealth, “outer great” circumstances or by any “logical” means. With that reality, I begin this article.

The Best Mind Expanding, Consciousness Altering Disciplines on Earth

Ancient people used intuition to thrive. Modern society relies on intellect. The best mind training disciplines, like hypnosis, grow the two as one.

The “My Friend John” of Your Hypnosis Business

If you’re not using the My Friend John technique in your business, you’re missing out. It’s a clear, clean way to show your value and win hypnosis clients.

The Reality That Does Always Count, No Matter What We Do

“The map is not the territory” is a famous quote, but I would like to put a new spin on it in this article: The map inside of you counts more than the map outside of you on paper or computer Global Positioning System (GPS). When I think of reality in this way, I take nothing for granted.

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