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What Is The Difference Between Self Hypnosis And Meditation?

I first learned meditation when studying with a group of Buddhist monks who were on a pilgrimage. They taught me to focus all my attention on the rims of my nostrils. Feel the breath coming in, and feel it going out.

What Is The Best Way To Put Somebody Under Hypnosis?

Have you ever stared into a hypnotic spiral? If you do it long enough, you start to feel a little funny. Do it longer still, and it can put you into a trance.

Learn Hypnosis: How to Make Someone Cluck Like a Chicken Using Hypnosis

It’s always fun to make someone do something outrageous when they are hypnotized. The first time that I made someone cluck like a chicken when they were hypnotized I couldn’t actually believe it. But it was real and absolutely hilarious.

Does Losing Weight With Hypnosis Even Work?

Weight loss, contrary to popular belief, is not a physical issue, but an emotional or psychological one. I mean, everybody knows that to lose weight you have to burn off more calories than you take in. Right?

Finding Your Inner Child: Using Your Subconscious and Creative Genius to Reach Your Dreams

What is the path in life that you most want to achieve? We are capable of anything, and there is a voice within all of us that whispers, “You can take over the world.” That voice is right; simply put we just have to find our path, and using the power within us we can achieve anything. Don’t settle, live the life you’ve always wanted.

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