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Reprogram Habits And Responses With The Swish Pattern

“One mental tool for making a behavioral change more automatic and consistent is the swish pattern” – Anthony Robbins. NLP’s swish pattern is ideal for changing unwanted and damaging habits and for installing new and empowering automatic responses to certain events and circumstances. In other words the swish pattern is the perfect technology to re(program) the brains neuro-associations.

Using Submodalities In Like To Dislike Shifts

We interact with the world using our five senses (or modes or modalities) and Submodalites are simply the subsets (or elements) of those visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory modalities. In other words, submodalities are the fundamental building blocks of our internal representational system.

Subliminal Messages – Top Tips for Those Who Want to Visualize

Visualization is actually one of the best techniques you can implement when you want to resolve a lot of issues in your life. Many have learned how to change their thought patterns and thus their behavior.   You too can make visualization work in your life, even if you’re not really facing something very grave.

The Potential Benefits of a Past Life Regression

People seek out Past Life Regression for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes it is for simple curiosity and other times it could be to overcome an irrational fear or unwanted behavior. Clients may, or may not be aware of their most significant life challenges, but their subconscious mind is. Clients tend to receive precisely what will benefit them most emotionally, spiritually, and physically, even if the initial reason for their session is simple curiosity.

Instant Freedom From Phobias Using NLP’s Fast Phobia Cure Technology

Instant freedom from Phobias using NLP’s Fast phobia cure technology “Most of the things that are valuable to us in life require us to go against the basic conditioning of our nervous systems… in many cases we are required to transform our fears into power” – Tony Robbins NLP’s fast phobia cure is the antidote to any and all kinds of phobias – from little nagging ones to giant ones that can seriously impede normal life. The Fast phobia cure can be used for phobias relating to driving, public speaking, insects, social interactions and closed spaces etc.

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