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Are Subliminal Messages in Songs Real?

Subliminal messages are messages that we generally never notice, but we still receive. But, there are subliminals that are constantly aimed at us which we miss time and time again. Those messages thrown at us constantly are the ones we receive by our favorite musicians.

Subliminal Messages Throughout History

Subliminal messages are becoming all the rage in the last dozen years or so. They came to attention of people mostly because of the internet and the way it is used to exchange information. Although their history is fairly short, as they came to attention of scholars in 1957, they had a massive impact on all of our lives.

You Can Overcome Stage Fright with Hypnosis

Even famous singing stars can feel terrified when invited to perform live at major events. Panic and insomnia set in. Why would that be when they have performed live so many times? Some performers take beta-blockers but visiting a hypnotherapist to calm nerves and overcome stage fright might be a better option.

Life Changing Conversations Using Metaphors

We use about six metaphors per minute on average in the English language. Metaphors are stories told with a purpose which allows us to bypass conscious resistance in order to make connections at a deeper level. Why? Because all learning and change occurs at the unconscious level.

You Can Control Your Alcohol Consumption With Hypnosis

For confirmed alcoholics, total abstinence from alcohol may be the only option. However, for many, controlled drinking or moderated drinking may be the goal. I want to help the people who have crossed the line or are concerned that they may be about to.

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