Abraham Hicks – The Entire Universe Is Conspiring To Give You What You Want

What is Richard Bandler’s Pointer Model?

Bandler’s Pointer Model is five questions which are used to help a client clarify the meaning of their communication. The questions help to establish a framework for a therapist to take the client deeper and more inclined to look at their limiting beliefs and thought patterns. Through language we are able to describe our experience and even listening to a person we are able to get a sense of their self imposed limitations and use these questions to help highlight the cracks in their thinking to eventually move them forward passed their own limitations.

Hypnosis – Common Misconceptions About Hypnosis Debunked!

Hypnosis brings up all kinds of negative reactions from different people including suspicion, mistrust and fear. Stage shows have given it a bad name over the years, and some people actually believe that it is the devils’ tool. However, before we throw out the baby with the bathwater, we need to really look at the truth and not just believe any old myth we come across.

Self Hypnosis, Your Questions Answered

Hypnosis is no longer a thing of fear where people think they are farmyard animals. It is now an invaluable tool for helping to heal, especially when using self hypnosis programs. There is nothing to be scared about, you can really alter any negative behavior and improve your life.

Pet Bereavement Hypnosis

Pet bereavement hypnosis can help you to overcome the pain of losing a beloved pet. Many people do not understand how painful the grief can be – but it’s important to acknowledge your pain and move on with your life.

How Online Therapy Can Help

Online therapy is becoming a popular way to get help for emotional and psychological conditions. Learn how you can be helped online, no matter where you are in the world.

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