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Where Did Hypnosis Come From, Why Use It and What To Expect

Have you tried hypnosis before? NO, then let me tell you a little about hypnosis and what you can expect to experience, just to put your mind at rest and help you get the most from this amazingly powerful form of help.   At first, there are many misunderstandings about hypnosis and I will bring up some of the most common misunderstandings.

Using Self-Hypnosis To Reverse An Unwanted Habit

In this article you are shown how to combine classic habit reversal with self-hypnosis for a great way to let go of unwanted habits. If you want to be free of old habits, then this process is for you.

Installing Aversive Sensitivity To Your Habit Using Self-Hypnosis

Within this process, we put an end to old habits by sensitising the mind to the unwanted habit. Your mind learns how to associate different sensations, ones that you have an aversion to, and attach them to the old habit before it properly happens. If you want to end r old, unwanted habit, read on.

Combining Self-Hypnosis and NLP’s Swish Pattern To Let Go Of Unwanted Habits

Within this article, we are going to use a version of the Swish pattern used in NLP to deal with an unwanted habit. Please spend some time preparing for this session by developing a heightened awareness of the habit – understand what you do, the situations you do it in, what you think and feel when you used to do the habit. When you have all that information about the unwanted habit, then get yourself into a comfortable position in a place where you are going to be undisturbed for the duration of the exercise, and…

Hypnosis: Making Headway in the Clinic?

This article was written in response to an article in the Lancet. Orthodox medical practitioners are finally waking up to the fact that hypnosis and hypnotherapy may be of considerable assistance in the treatment of medical conditions. The article concentrates mainly on the issue of pain control.

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