Abraham Hicks – The Very Best Soul Mating That Could Ever Happen

Feminization Hypnosis For Transgenders, Transsexual and Transvestite

Welcome and thank you for taking time to relax. Your body and mind will be grateful to you. “Thank you!

Voice Feminization Hypnosis – How It Helps

Your Voice is a Habit – The way you speak is a lot like driving a car – it is almost automatic. You automatically use the clutch when you need to shift gears, you signal when you are about to turn and hit the breaks in microseconds. You do not think when you’re driving – your body knows how to drive a car. In the same way, your body has learned to speak with a male voice. Your male voice seems like a default voice that comes out of you without thinking.

Voice Feminization With Hypnosis – Introduction Script

Although most of us tend to feel our needs more than our satisfaction, you have to understand one simple fact: we live in a world of abundance. There is enough for everybody, including you. What you want is there for you to take. In fact, you already have it, you simply have to teach yourself how to get to it. Whenever you are feeling down, whenever you are feeling embarrassed, whenever you don’t feel at home in your body, when you feel desperate and needy, remember this. You live in a world of abundance and everything you want is there for you to take.

Hypnotic Feminization for Voice Reprograming

Hello, it is a pleasure to see you here, in this place you have chosen to find a beautiful, feminine part of yourself that has long been locked away. It is great to see that you have finally come to find your voice. You are a beautiful woman, and it is an honor for me to welcome you to the sisterhood of women. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having the wisdom and the courage to take time for yourself and allow yourself to develop fully into who you are.

Free Feminization Hypnosis – Doorway Confidence Booster Script

Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Keeping your eyes open, take a deep breath. Breathe in as much air as you can. The next time you breathe out, you will close your eyes, and sink down to a very deep layer of your mind. Prepare yourself for this journey. Breathe in as deep as you can. Now, the moment has come. Close your eyes and breathe out. As your breath flows out, feel how your body feels heavier and heavier, sinking into the cushions beneath you. Feel yourself arrive in this deep, comfortable place. You have travelled to a different level of consciousness already, a deeper level of relaxation, a deeper level of calm, where the stress and anxiety of everyday life cannot penetrate.

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