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Unconsciousness: A Wise Choice?

Recently, I was reading that most of our consciousness is under the surface of our conscious being. As in, our lives are mostly ran unconsciously, and consciousness has very little to do with it all except to be an irritant at time to the smooth running of those unconscious processes such as heartbeat, breathing and the like.

Being, Doing And Having

When I think of the law of attraction, I think of those three words in the title. In fact, when I think of all auto-suggestion, self-hypnosis and self-convincing, I think of those three words I put into that title, also: Being, doing and having.

Fix The Plumbing!

Although knowing what to do is sometimes as contentious or more contentious than fixing busted plumbing. It is the most rewarding thing of all when you genuinely know what you are doing in life, existence and whatever.

Punch It!

When you really want it, change is very easy. When you do not want it, change is seemingly infinitely hard. When I say the words in my title “punch it!”, I write about the changes really wanted by a person fully and succinctly and nothing else, not what is not wanted.

This Is Way More Than Just Getting Really Good Stuff!

The best things in life come dressed in work clothes and look like work usually never giving a real hint of their real nature. While things that deceive usually come dressed up, looking too good to be true or real.

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