Abraham Hicks – This Amazing Thing Will Happen When You Deliberately Activate A Thought!

Hypnosis – Shock Hypnosis and the Classic Back Flip

We had a general store, situated about a hundred yards from the house. My boss wanted a telephone installed from the house to the store. So, I connected up the phone cable to the phone in the house, and off I went with the cable to the store

Hypnosis – The Tool of Calm, Confidence and Success

A good point to bear in mind is if you remain in a situation and don’t run away from it, fear will eventually dissipate. The reason is that if it were really life-threatening, you would run away.

Hypnosis – 3 Methods of Ridding Yourself of Pain Through Hypnosis

While ‘under,’ he suggested that she should hallucinate a lion coming towards her. As you can well imagine, this proved to be a great distraction and because of this, the pain was stopped dead. He taught her how to evoke the lion herself by using self-hypnosis. This gives some idea of the enormous power of hypnosis. Mark you, we’re looking at the work of one of the greatest hypnotists of all time.

War of the Minds

Is what you say and portray to others different from what you truly feel and think? Are you suffering from a War of the Minds?

The Unlimited Power of Imagination

Behind where I am sitting now is a framed poster showing a photograph of Albert Einstein. Underneath his picture is one of my favorite quotes, which says that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” When it comes to human transformation, too much press is given to the power of the subconscious mind and totally ignores the critical role of the conscious mind, which serves as the true captain of neurophysiology. As such, the most capable tool available for guiding us in the direction of our choosing is our ability to use our imagination.

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