Abraham Hicks – This Is The Recipe For Your Perfect World – Try It!

Hypnosis – Know Thine Enemy – Shock Hypnosis and the Bully

Regrettably, bullies are experts at shock hypnosis, although they don’t have any idea that they are. They’re simply very unpleasant individuals who suddenly shout at you, or make you afraid of them by doing other unexpected things.

Hypnosis – How Shaking Hands Can Be a Whole New Experience

One of the things for which Dr. Milton Erickson, whom we’ve met before, was famous, was his handshake. Dr. Erickson describes this in detail, but the simplest explanation is that he’d interrupt the normal flow of the handshake, in other words he’d extend his hand, the other person would do the same, expecting fully to shake the doctor’s hand, but instead of actually shaking the person’s hand, Erickson would grab his wrist.

Conversational Hypnosis – Hypnotic Words Are Practiced As Foundations For Language Skill

Everyone knows that language is transmit using sentences whereas the foundation of the sentences are words. Therefore in developing successful conversational hypnosis, we must know the basic of hypnotic words.

Why It Is Important You Make Good Brain Juice Every Day

Good quality transmissions in your brain mean you get to feel good – about yourself and about things. You get to think more clearly, look at things in a more positive light, talk to yourself in more useful ways, and make better decisions…

NLP Reframing Techniques – Using NLP to See the Positive Side in Any Situation

NLP reframing techniques have been known to have positive influences on anyone! They can make you see beyond what is obvious and can generally encourage you to be a better person.

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